Newborn Photography

Capturing the moments that captivate your heart

Estie is a multi-award-winning photographer, she’s fully trained, qualified, experienced and insured. Estie has been photographing babies for more than 10 years and would LOVE to photograph your newborn too! Baby safety and comfort is top priority, and she keeps up to date with her immunisations. As such, CapturePro is trusted as one of Brisbane's leading and best newborn photographers. Estie's style is fresh and unique, and every photograph resonates with her creativity.

Newborn session prep guide

The first few days of a baby’s life are so magical and incredible! Being able to freeze those moments for you is such an honour for us and we thought it might be helpful to write down how parents play a important role to a successful, pleasant and enjoyable experience for a successful newborn shoot. 

Let’s Pencil You In!

I highly recommend booking your newborn session as early as soon as you can, or as soon as baby is born. That gives me enough time fully customise a newborn session just for you! If anything else is needed such as a coordinating headband or matching outfit, I will have enough time to research and purchase any additional items needed.

Birth Day!

Yay!! I know you are just excited as I am to capture those little tiny fingers and toes while it last! Once you and baby have been giving the green light to go home, please contact me right away to schedule a definite date and time for your babies newborn session. Sessions are typically scheduled between 7 to 21 days from birth.

Still need to come in after the 10-14 day mark? No worries, my training and experience has taught me ways to soothe and nurture the feistiest angels to sleep and beside who really doesn’t want to cuddle and hug these little human beings ALL DAY long!!

Sleepy, Hungry!

Babies do very well in the studio for posing when they are in a very deep sleep. To encourage this I highly recommend stimulating the baby at least two hours before your scheduled arrival, a warm bath always does the trick. This also means keeping them awake during the car ride here and refrain from letting them nap for at least 2 hours before your shoot.

Please fully feed baby up to almost being 'milk drunk'. As you might know babies don’t like the feeling of being naked, they want to be warm and completely snuggled, so we always ensure the room is heated to a comfortable climate for baby. We sweat it out a bit though.

From experience, babies that have been asleep prior to arrival are unfortunately the babies that are more difficult to pose because as soon as the blanket comes off, they get startled again and it’s back to trying to put them to sleep. That alone can take up to an hour, if not more and unfortunately does count against your session time.

Keeping in mind these two instructions will most certainly give you a well rested baby. In return we’ll be able to maximise the time you have in the studio with plenty of scenes and photos so for that reason please do not underestimate and risk how well your baby sleeps after a feeding. We need your bundle of joy to be very exhausted, tired and a bit hungry. I know it will be hard, atop of your own sleep deprivation but I promise you, it will be well worth the effort!! ♥


I highly recommend if you’re solely breastfeeding to pump and bottle feed your milk for your babies session. I’ve had mum’s that breastfeed for up to an hour and unfortunately that does delay the session quite a bit. If you don’t pump, my only alternative is to formula feed just for this session only. A dummy also helps heaps to calm and sooth your precious baby for the session.

Poop Whisperer! 

That I have been called many times…lol but no worries, it happens! This is completely natural for babies to use blankets or props as there own personal potty. Please don’t feel embarrassed, I reassure you it happens more times that I can remember. Have a concern about sanitation? Don’t worry I wash all used props and blankets after each newborn session with non-scented detergent.


Please do whatever you can to keep the noise to a minimum during our session. Maintaining a calm environment is also a big key to a successful newborn shoot. I do have a white noise app that I will keep close to baby during the session to help soothe him or her. Babies love strong and rhythmic sound. Amazingly! that’s the sound the heard 24/7 in the uterus!


Safety is my utmost number one top priority when handling your baby, so either mum or dad will be my spotter/assistant. All eyes and hands are to be kept around baby during posing. During the session I will be handling and posing baby, but don’t worry I have plenty of experience handling a newborn (don’t know if I mentioned I have four kids of my own!) I will hold and care for him or her as if they were my own, I promise!

Mum, Dad!

Chances are you’ll be here between 2 to 4 hours so I highly recommend eating a good hearty breakfast before you arrive. I know this can be a very exciting and stressful time for you, especially when adding sleep deprivation in the mix! As much as my goal is for baby to be comfortable, I also want you to be comfortable and at ease! Having me photograph this precious moments for you, means a lot to me so anything I can do to make it a smooth journey for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know!