In late 2018 I started collecting dresses and allowing my maternity clients the option to borrow dresses from my Client Closet at no additional cost. Building this feature into each session has been one of the best things I’ve done to elevate my services for the luxury client.

What sizes do we have?

I have sizes XS-XXL, but a majority of my clients wear size medium or large, so I have the largest selection of dresses in those sizes. I prefer to buy stretchy maternity dresses.

How many dresses can I use?

Your package will determine the quantity of gowns you are able to use for your shoot. I typically use one gown for every 8 - 10 images.

How can a client choose or try on dresses before the session?

I have a web page that shows my entire collection of dresses available to clients. About 1-2 weeks before our session, I’ll ask my client to send me the screenshots of up to five dresses that she likes, along with her current approximate size, then I will bring 4-5 dresses with me for her to try on right before her session.

If a client prefers to try dresses on before her session, I’m happy to offer a 30 minute consultation and fitting session at our New Beith studio.

What about dads and kids?

I personally do not offer clothing for dads and kids. I do however suggest that partners and kids colour coordinate their outfits with the selected gowns.